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Rules and History of Baseball

Posted by admin | History | Monday 16 November 2009 3:35 am

Baseball is a sport played with a bat and ball. It is between two teams, each of which has nine players. The winner of the game is the team that has scored more runs at the end of nine innings. Runs are scored by hitting a thrown ball with the bat and then running to touch as many bases as possible before the ball can be caught and thrown back. The bases are arranged in a 90-foot square called a baseball diamond.

Baseball bats are available in various shapes and sizes. During 1850’s several varieties of bats were available in various varieties: long, short, flat and heavy. Rounded barrel bats seem to work most efficiently. Earlier bats of all shapes and sizes were used regardless of weight later in 1859 rule was implemented that baseball bats should no larger than 2.5 inches in diameter, length is not a major constraint. In during 1869 another rule was made insisting that bats could no longer than 42 inches in length, even today the bat with the same length is made. As far as now no rule was made regarding the shape of the bats.

During 1890’s a committee stated a rule that bats should not be flattened at the end, the maximum diameter is increased to 2.75 inches and it should be round at the end region. The major differences of bats available nowadays are much lighter with a thinner handle. Wooden bats generally prefer aluminum/composite baseball bats due to lighter weight property and high tensile strength.

Regarding bat weight there are several restrictions. Heavier bats are generally preferred for lighter bats as they allow the hitter to generate enough speed. For choosing a bat, the comfort of baseball bat to the hitter is the major criteria. Regarding length and weight of the bat, choosing the suitable sized baseball bat is the major criteria for avoiding several adverse effects. Level of play always depends on the nature of selection of the baseball bats.