A Guide for Young Players to Choose the Right Baseball Equipment

There are several pieces of equipment that every baseball player needs to have, and although some of the items on this list may be supplied by your league, it is still very important that we mention them:

• Baseball Glove. Choosing the proper glove will largely depend on the position you plan to play, and if you plan to play multiple positions you may need more than one glove. As a general rule of thumb, outfielder’s gloves tend to be a bit larger in length than infielder gloves-gloves which are usually fairly small and compact and designed to allow infielders to remove the ball quickly. First basemen and catchers wear what’s called a mitt instead of a glove. The mitt for first basemen is long with one side that is fairly flat, while a catcher’s mitt is rounded with plenty of padding to protect the catcher’s hand and absorb the consistent blow of rapidly thrown pitches.

• Bat. While many youth leagues will supply the baseball bats for the team, you may want to buy one just the same so you can practice with it on your own. Bats are available in both wood and aluminum, but before purchasing an aluminum bat, make sure their use is permitted in your league. (Many leagues have outlawed aluminum bats in an attempt to protect the pitcher). Both wooden and aluminum bats are sized both by length-displayed in inches-and by weight-displayed in ounces. When choosing a bat that’s right for you, try to find one that feels comfortable in your hands, yet not too heavy after several swings.

• Cleats. As a general rule, metal or spiked cleats are not permitted until high school competition. Consequently, you’ll want to find a pair of rubber-spiked cleats that fit snugly on your feet.

• Cap. No baseball uniform is complete without a sharp-looking baseball cap. Caps are available in a number of different fitted sizes, as well as the adjustable variety that can be sized up or down to fit your head.

• Catcher’s Gear. Again, most leagues will supply this type of equipment because it tends to be quite expensive, but if they don’t, and you plan to play the catcher position, you will definitely need to purchase properly-fitted shin guards and a chest protector, as well as a mask with a throat guard to go along with your catcher’s mitt.

In addition to this required gear you may want to purchase some optional items such as batting gloves, a protective cup, practice balls or even a batting tee or pitching target to help with hitting and pitching practice.

Guide To The Finest Baseball Equipment

Present days, there are toys for everyone interested in baseball, whether little league or minors, even pro players and coaches, that make for great items to supply to those you know established in the sport. For catchers, a specific helmet will often win as a gift, especially since elements of the pro level variety of helmets are now out there for minor leaguers.

Comfort padding systems and linings that are designed to maintain the head and face fresh and sweat-free make for easier concentration behind the plate. Catchers can also maintain more freedom and comfort when you take great care to obtain a helmet that has a specialized chin pad, such as the softened deer skin commonly worn. These days knee pads and shin guard is called sliders, and they have improved.

Customarily, a combination of four dissimilar materials are worn to step up the measure of comfort and quality. A blend of polyester, nylon, rayon and elastic produce spongy comfort. The foam padding is thick, but not cumbersome, as in the earlier variety of pads.

The miracle material of the latter portion of the century has found its way into the manufacture of baseball equipment as well. That being the extreme breathable and lightweight neoprene. Interior grippers supply no slide grip, from the inside, which is a component you’ll wish to check for as well.

Baseball Equipment is what most sporting good stores are all about. Most strive to bring their customers the best equipment there is to offer so you can perform at the highest level possible. They spend hours making sure their selection of baseball bats; gloves, cleats, apparel and more are top notch in performance, quality, and durability at an affordable price. The stores that do not try very hard to please their customers are not in business very long.

In addition to bringing you the latest and best baseball gear, you’ll also appreciate the fanatical customer service you’ll receive in most all-good stores. A fully trained staff that is up on every piece of baseball equipment offered in their store is a must.