Antique Collecting - From Antique Furniture to Baseball Cards

There are so many different antique items that can be found today, that people can easily begin a collection of almost anything they could ever imagine. Some may prefer antique furniture, some like to collect baseball cards from decades ago, and some collectors even make a hobby out of collecting old beer cans or wine bottles. The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to collecting antiques.

Another popular item that people love to collect is antique coins and money. This type of collection can be one of the most valuable to own. A coin from the early 1700′s may now be worth thousands more than its original monetary value. Paper money is also a favorite antique to collect. In fact, the world’s oldest paper money on record dates back to the late 1300s! That particular antique probably could never be bought now by anyone.

Many avid antique collectors also love collecting old gold or silver dining pieces, such as flatware or tea sets. A solid gold or silver tea set from the 1800s would be valued at thousands of dollars or more today. These antiques are favored because they normally retain their excellent condition for years and years. While silver was used more frequently in the past, there are still a few rare solid gold pieces that can be found in shops that specialize in antiques.

One of the best loved antique collections of many female collectors is collecting porcelain dolls from the past. These antiques can also be very valuable depending upon the date the dolls were first manufactured and how well they have been kept in their original condition. A doll that cost only a few dollars in the early 1900s may very well be valued up into hundreds of dollars today.

Antique furniture is also a very popular item for collectors. These antiques can be found rather easily at some pawn shops, antique auctions, and used furniture stores. The better the condition the furniture is in, the more valuable it is considered to be. If it still retains an excellent original finish, this type of antique can be extremely valuable. These antiques may include beds, dressers, an antique wardrobe, couches, chairs, or nearly any antique furniture that was on the market many years ago.

Probably one of the most expensive collections of antiques that a person can get into collecting is that of antique cars. A car that may have been bought new for $100 in 1925 can now be valued up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending upon the make, model, and condition of the car, it may be valued at even more. While antique car collectors may not own as many antiques as those who collect smaller, less expensive antiques, they do own some of the most valuable collections that can be found.

It is clearly obvious that collecting antiques can be one of the most enjoyable, interesting hobbies to have. At times, it may even be quite expensive, depending upon what type of antiques a person prefers to collect. But, this is a way of holding on to a piece of history. Many avid collectors feel this is a treasure that you cannot put a price tag on.